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Rj Electricians has been trading for 8 years with 24 years of experience in all areas of electrical installation, maintenance...

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About RJ Electricians Ltd

Rj Electricians has been trading for 8 years with 24 years of experience in all areas of electrical installation, maintenance, repair etc.
We undertake works in the following:- commercial, domestic, educational, industrial, recreational and rural
If you have a problem or project we are here to help.
We are NIC EIC registered

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Access Control / Door Entry

Electrical Inspecting / Testing

Lighting and Power - External

Lighting and Power - Internal

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Why do my light bulbs keep blowing?

The main reason I find is the quality of the bulb ( buy cheap buy twice) . I had a customer who told me her bulb went often and when I checked they were of a good quality after some investigation I found her young boys jumping off the top bunk onto the floor this excessive vibration was the main issue, and after some tweaking I managed to install the bulbs on springs inside there fittings, no bulbs have blown since. Other reasons are age off switches, cabling and of course the bulb itself, Ie switches may have worn causing spikes etc

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Which outdoor lights are the best?

I tend to let customers get there own light fittings unless it a bog standard type of fitting as they know what they like and don’t like. I recommend a brand name led type fitting such as osram rather than a cheap alternative that may only last a short time, I often tell my customers buy cheap buy twice. If I purchase lighting I will always go for a good quality fitting such as Osram

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How long does it take to replace a consumer unit / fuse board?

I allow a day to replace a consumer unit as It usually takes me 3-4 hrs to replace a consumer unit with an additional 3-4 hrs of testing then around 1hr clearing up tools mess with a final hoover around, I then explain to the customer how everything works and the testing process of the rcds etc and how to check for tripping etc

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Phone: 01895 320500

Mobile Phone: 07540852091

Website: rj-electricians-ltd.ueniweb.com

Address: New Denham, Bucks, UB9 4DB