What is the average cost to rewire a house?

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Answered by C.Quigg Electrical Contractors

14th April 2019

C.Quigg Electrical Contractors answered the question "What is the average cost to rewire a house?"

Unfortunately there is no clear answer for this as this does vary on many different circumstances and requirements. Things that need to be taken into account are Type of premises Size of premises Type of incoming supply Clients requirements which entail : Cables chased into walls or trunking Accessory finish ( white or decorative ) Lighting (pendants, down lighters etc) Quantity of sockets, lights, etc Electric ovens ( double , single ) Hobs ( induction, ceramic or gas) Shower size of loading (8.5 kw etc ) Garage supplies Outbuilding supplies ( hot tub, sauna etc ) Smoke detectors Ethernet points Satellite, Tv , points Home automation (Smart lighting systems etc ) Security systems ( Cctv, intruder etc ) The list goes on. I always meet with the client to go through fully would they require and also advise them on things they are uncertain of or even don’t know about which is always helpful as they are relying on our expertise for advise etc.

Answered by TB electrical

12th April 2019

TB electrical answered the question "What is the average cost to rewire a house?"

There isn't really an average cost due to all customers wanting different things and properties being different. On average most are between £2400-£3000 in my area. Prices are determined by the customers required amount of sockets,lights, cooker, does the property have an electric shower as the cable for these is expensive. Accessories white are relatively cheap compared to chrome and other finishes. Lighting can be really expensive where as white pendants are just a couple of pounds. Smoke alarms can also bump up price as decent aico smoke alarms are roughly £40 each with some properties needing 3/4/5 or more. Then there is labour a rewire is a big job and that means a decent amount of labour costs.

Answered by Staples Electrical Services Ltd

10th April 2019

Staples Electrical Services Ltd answered the question "What is the average cost to rewire a house?"

This question has to be the most common question that we get asked. As others have said, there is no set price to a domestic re-wire. It is all dependent on what the customer desires, whether this is- -White plastic or chrome accessories -Spot lights or standard PVC pendants -Surface mounted containment & accessories or flushed (chased in) -The amount of socket outlets per room - Dimmer switches or standard rocker switches -Smoke / CO detectors Etc, etc. The list goes on. What we would suggest is that you the customer arrange for a meeting with the electrician/ electrical company and discuss with them exactly what you require. This will enable them to suggest ideas that you may not even have considered yourself and will also give the Tradesman a solid idea of exactly what works you would like them to quote you for. We have undertaken basic re-wires costing around £3000 and also much more advanced installations costing up to the £17000 region. Hope that this helps. Regards Staples Electrical Services Ltd

Answered by Electri-Call-Us

23rd March 2019

Electri-Call-Us answered the question "What is the average cost to rewire a house?"

The cost of re-wiring a 2-3 bedroom house has many variables to give a one price fits all. Is there clear access to loft space, position of mains board location. Is the kitchen and bathroom being re-modelled as part of the works? Have either or both already been done making it more difficult to do without disturbing tiles etc. Is the property going to be lived in during the works, this has a big influence on time and cost as there is furniture to move about, clearing up each night and making sure flooring is replaced and everything is safe for homeowner to come home. Circuits will need to be tested and re-energised each night to ensure sufficient power and lighting is restored, all this takes extra time where it otherwise wouldn’t be necessary in an unoccupied property. The finish of the accessories ie metal fixtures and fittings cost more than white plastic, LED downlights vary in price and obviously are more labour intensive to install than a standard pendant. The amount of sockets required in each room will possibly vary from someone of an older age group compared to a young family where they want usb charging sockets, more sockets for TV’s in each room, Ethernet connections as well as aerial points, smart home devices, security alarms, CCTV, 2 ovens instead of 1, induction hob instead of conventional. External power for garden lighting, Hot Tubs, summer houses or other outbuildings. Each re-wire will be priced individually based on a meeting between electrician and homeowner to discuss and write down electrical requirements and specifications per room. Depending of Spec it could range from £4000 - £10000 or more.

Answered by CLIFF Electrical

19th March 2019

CLIFF Electrical answered the question "What is the average cost to rewire a house?"

The cost of a full rewire will depend on specification and size of the property. Your installer should be giving you a choice offering you the different types of consumer units available with the different protection that can be provided there are now also new additions to the market with the 18th edition surge protection and arc fault detection are just some of the options available as upgrades and you should be made aware of these and the type of protection they will offer you and your home. Other things to consider are smart home controls, audio and visual systems, CCTV, data networks, ethernet ports all theses systems can be installed when undertaking a new installation or a complete rewire of a property. You will also have to decided on lighting requirements there are many options available from downlights, track lighting, up lighting and thousands of fittings on the market where costs vary tremendously depending on your style and budget. There are then control choices too standard switching, dimmer control and smart controlled lighting just to name a few. As for the finish there is a huge range decorative accessories available to complement your taste and style of the property. All these questions would have to be answered before you could give a accurate quotation for the work needing to be completed.

Answered by DF Electrical

16th March 2019

DF Electrical answered the question "What is the average cost to rewire a house?"

As a rule of thumb, I’d say the average price for a rewire would be £1,000 per bedroom (assuming, one lounge, one kitchen, one bathroom) for a basic spec. Obviously when you bring into account downlights, en-suites, garages etc then the price will increase. The price can also decrease if you want to do the chasing out, drilling etc before I start work on the property

Answered by Oak Tree Electrical

24th February 2019

Oak Tree Electrical answered the question "What is the average cost to rewire a house?"

This is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. The big considerations include the size of the house, is the house occupied or not, who is going to make good all the damage to the walls and decor, what type of accessories are to be fitted (low cost white plastic or something a bit more stylish), is the rewire going to include other things like wiring for entertainment systems, alarm systems and networking (a rewire provides a great oppertunity to install this type of thing but it all adds to the cost). For typical prices for various electrical jobs take a look at https://trustedtraders.which.co.uk/articles/cost-guide-electricians/ .

Answered by Smart Vision Electrical ltd

12th February 2019

Smart Vision Electrical ltd answered the question "What is the average cost to rewire a house?"

The price for a Rewire can very so much. From a standard 2/3 bed house at £3000 to 5/6 bed full building management system of £60,000 +. Every job is different to the next, we always try our hardest to cater for the individual home owner to create there dream home. We have made arrangements with customers to do the dirty work of chasing and bits themselves to keep the costs down, and we have also arranged other trades (plasterers, plumbers, decorators) on the same job to keep the customer as stress free as possible during the works

Answered by Udell Electrical Services

11th February 2019

Udell Electrical Services answered the question "What is the average cost to rewire a house?"

The cost to rewire a house varies greatly. There are many aspects that effect the price. It is not something that can be quoted for over the Internet. To get a reliable quotation you first need to meet with the electrician to discuss your requirements they can then see and assess the full job. You can have a basic rewire which has the minimum sockets and lights per room with a new consumer unit or a full in depth rewire which includes sockets, lights, tv points, network points, CCTV, alarms outside power and lights plus a new consumer unit. The length of time that the rewire needs to be completed in and if the house is empty or occupied and whether plastering is to be included in the quotation Udell Electrical Services are happy to come and meet with our new customers and discuss their requirements fully. We will then be able to inspect the property and provide a full breakdown quotation bespoke to our customers needs. We are there to support and fit in with our customers needs.


10th February 2019

AURORA INSTALL LIMITED answered the question "What is the average cost to rewire a house?"

The average price can vary from house to house depending on the size of the house and how many points you want replaced. If you require smoke detection, down lights, external lighting/power. Do you require any SmartHome technology. We try to do a price per point so it’s easier for us and the client to understand and see what you are getting for your money. Other considerations are: Occupied/empty Re-plastering Carpets and overall decor (we had a customer that just decorated a month before then asked for a rewire) We have also worked on an old Victorian house with 12” coving and the client wanted it kept so extra time and a steady hand was needed.

Answered by Eclipse Electrical

10th February 2019

Eclipse Electrical answered the question "What is the average cost to rewire a house?"

We have rewired many properties over the years and without a detailed specification there is no real answer, also there’s a few points that will make an impact on the price- is the property occupied? Loft access? Loft empty? Any flat roofs to get cables across? Did you want the plastering making good after? Also prices can range between different part of the country. Prices can range from £2000 for a flat to £60-70k for a large house with full integrated home.

Answered by Electric Company

10th February 2019

Electric Company answered the question "What is the average cost to rewire a house?"

In Essex a typical 3 bed house will be around £3500-£4000, with all plastic fittings and then you can change to spot lights etc, however different property requirements can effect the cost. Is the property occupied? Is the loft clear? Can make the cost cheeper and the job easier However if you looking to have it done your local electrician should be able to provide you with a quote

Answered by Electrical Innovations (Derby) Ltd

10th February 2019

Electrical Innovations (Derby) Ltd answered the question "What is the average cost to rewire a house?"

In 2018 I carried out 22 rewires with the average cost being around £4000. Costs can vary and may electricians (including ourselves) will work on a cost per point basis. As a guide you can count all the sockets, switches and lights around the house. Times them by £10 and add another £1000 for things like your consumer unit, earthing , outside lighting, heat and smoke detectors and other things you might not have thought about.

Answered by RJ Electricians Ltd

9th February 2019

RJ Electricians Ltd answered the question "What is the average cost to rewire a house?"

There is no average cost for a rewire as every house is different, with the ever growing amount of appliances and technology in our homes, one house might want 10 sockets the next might want 30 sockets etc. Although with smart technology I expect within a few years we will need fewer socket outlets as inductive technology improves. As a guide we charge £60 per point ie socket or light etc and £350 for the consumer unit ( fuse board ) this covers the certificate We take a third at the end of first fix another third at the end of second fix with the balance payable on receipt of certificate.

Answered by Edwards

8th February 2019

Edwards answered the question "What is the average cost to rewire a house?"

We have rewired many houses & flats right across the country over the years, the area and the property have a huge bearing on the cost. Our cost range is vast, circa £5,000 to £60,000 Clearly these are two very different installation, with the growing appearance of smarter homes and the ever increasing demand for electricity these projects will continue to vary greatly.

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