What is powerflushing?

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Answered by Louis Gas & Heating LTD

22nd June 2019

Louis Gas & Heating LTD answered the question "What is powerflushing?"

Powerflushing is a power flush machine connected to the heating system and pumps water at a high velocity but low pressure so not to damage the existing heating system and is used to remove sludge rust and dirt deposits from the heating system which will remove cold spot and circulation problems and restore heating efficiency which in turn produces more heat on the system and lower heating bills.

Answered by Forge Plumbing

19th June 2019

Forge Plumbing answered the question "What is powerflushing?"

Powerflushing is the best way to clean rust, sludge and other deposits from inside your radiators eliminating cold spots and increasing the overall efficiency of your heating system. The flushing is done at high velocity but low pressure to minimise any damage to the existing heating system.


13th June 2019

21DEGREE HEATING LTD answered the question "What is powerflushing?"

powerflushing is using a high powered pump to circulate water around heating systems & dislodge dirt & debris , which can cause cold spots in radiators & reduce circulation. chemicals are also best used with this process to break down sludge . powerflushing systems can make a massive difference in heat output & system efficiency.

Answered by NJP Heating Services Ltd

27th May 2019

NJP Heating Services Ltd answered the question "What is powerflushing?"

Powerflushing is is the modern day way of cleaning your heating system of magnetite and sludge, having your system cleaned before a new boiler install can increase efficiency saving by 10%. If you find that radiators are hot at the top and cold bottom middle then your system requires a powerflush, this normally takes between 3 hours and a day.

Answered by BoilerOne

24th May 2019

BoilerOne answered the question "What is powerflushing?"

Powerflush requires equipment with a higher velocity pump and dosing bucket, it can also include a magnaclease, the equipment is attached to a suitable part of the heating circuit and flushed with chemicals to individual radiators to remove any sludge, rust or debris from your heating system. BoilerOne recommend you instruct a gas safe registered engineer to powerflush your heating system.

Answered by RPHS

20th May 2019

RPHS answered the question "What is powerflushing?"

A power flush is a chemical solution that cleanses your central heating system and removes any elements inside of pipes, such as rust or debris that may be causing it not to work as well. ... A power flush removes the sludge in your system, preventing blockages and central heating inefficiency.

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