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Pavlou Plumbers is a Gas Safe and Water Safe registered company who focus on doing the simple things well. We can carry out...

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Pavlou Plumbers is a Gas Safe and Water Safe registered company who focus on doing the simple things well.

We can carry out gas boiler services, heating and hot water system installations, bathroom installations and plumbing maintenance.

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What is the best combi boiler for a 2-3 bedroom house?

Heating wise a 24kw boiler would be fine. If the property has more than 1 shower attached to the hot water system then I would recommend the intergas boiler. Due to it's different design no other wall hung boiler can compete with the flow rate. To get a better flow rate then you'll need a higher powered boiler. The same would apply if the property has a bath. If the property only has electric showers then a 24kw will do.

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What are the benefits of powerflushing?

The main benefit is financial which affects the environment. If you have an old heating system with water tanks in the loft or above a hot water cylinder, you are more likely to require a central heating flush than if you had a pressurised heating system. This is because the black sludge is a form of rust which can only occur when there is oxygen in the water. As you may know there is oxygen in fresh water. The water that has been in your heating system has a lot less or no oxygen because the oxygen would separate from the water when it heats up. If you do have a pressurised system with a pressure gauge and you find yourself increasing the pressure regularly by topping up the water, in effect the end result is making black sludge. If the pressure is going down regularly contact your heating engineer. Going back to the question of the benefit of having a flush is, heating black sludge costs money and it won't heat up like water. The less sludge in your system the quicker the water in the system will heat up. Also having no sludge in the system means boilers, pumps, motorised valves all last longer.

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What are the benefits of installing an unvented cylinder?

As long as the property has the suitable water flow rate having an unvented hot water cylinder is more efficient and better performing than having a combi boiler. The cylinder will require servicing though as it has a number of safety devices that needs checking. Otherwise you'll waste water

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Address: Deeside, Flintshire, CH53BU