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Local boiler installation, repair and servicing company.

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Local boiler installation, repair and servicing company.

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What is the best combi boiler in 2019?

This is really a matter of opinion. There are so many factors to consider with this. Property size, gas supply, how many people in the property, how many radiators in the property, how many bathrooms. It really all comes down to your requirements and your budget. If you can afford it, try to stay away from some of the cheaper appliances out there (£400-£600), that come bundled with flue and control packs. Theyre generally cheap for a reason and the manufacturers warranty reflects that.

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What is a condensing boiler & how do condensing boilers work?

A modern energy efficient boiler. It is called a condensing boiler because it produces condensation as a byproduct of the combustion process. It is more efficient and condenses because it extracts more heat from burning the gas, than an older non-condensing boiler. You can tell if your boiler is condensing by having a quick look under it, if you have a white plastic pipe or corrugated plastic pipe then it's condensing.

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Mobile Phone: 07496799670

Website: www.fawkes-heating.co.uk

Address: 46 Ulfkell Road, Thetford, IP24