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Richard Berriman Heating and Plumbing is a long established installer of replacement boilers and central heating systems base...

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Richard Berriman Heating and Plumbing is a long established installer of replacement boilers and central heating systems based in Worcester City. Initially entering the industry as a technical advisor Richard soon became aware of the lack of technical expertise at that time amongst installers and in the 1980’s decided to swap his collar and tie for overalls.

“Nowadays I believe people want to talk to a knowledgeable person who can give them no-nonsense advice about updating their heating / hot water systems and, at the end of the day, still come in with a sensible price”.

Richard always provides a written quotation for any installation work before work commences.

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Boiler replacements / Boiler swaps / Gas appliance installation
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Boiler servicing / Central Heating Alterations / Central Heating Updating
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Sometimes you need a little bit of advice before hiring a trade. Our community of professional trades are here to help.


How do thermal stores work?

A thermal store is basically a tank full of hot water with a heat exchanger immersed in it similar to a calorifier. Mains pressure cold water is passed throught the heat exchanger (usually a long length of finned tube with many twists and turns) which is surrounded by the hot water. By the time the water has passed through the heat exchanger it has become hot water for taps and shower etc. and at mains presssure. The hot water held in the tank is also available to be pumped around the radiator or underfloor heating circuits for space heating.

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What are the benefits of powerflushing?

Powerflushing can be found to be necessary after a number of years when a heating system has been poorly installed or poorly maintained and either blockages have occurred in pipework or a build up of sludge has reduced the flow of heating water around the system. Powerflushing can remove most of this sludge or debris bringing back the initial efficiency and performance of the heating system. There is no British Standard for powerflushing however so the effectiveness of any particular powerflush can be questionable. It is strongly advised that heating system water should be kept in good condition by the use of system cleansing agents and anti corrosion 'inhibitor' solutions together with system filters which stop harmful magnetite etc blocking the waterways of your boiler which would decrease its efficiency.

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What common problems are there with Worcester Bosch boilers?

Worcester-Bosch boilers are the most reliable boilers according to 'Which?' the consumers association who have reported this to be so for several years. However the most common faults are caused by lack of servicing or incorrectly installed/routed condense pipework. Lack of servicing will lead to blocked condense traps, poor or incomplete combustion with reduced overall efficiency and too high a carbon dioxide count from the flue which pollutes our atmosphere.

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Mobile Phone: 07721 514738


Address: Worcester, Worcestershire, WR4 9TT