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I've been in the Building Services Engineering industry - in a few different areas - all my working life, with a full apprent...

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I've been in the Building Services Engineering industry - in a few different areas - all my working life, with a full apprenticeship from leaving school in 1982, and following redundancy in 2003 thought I'd give self employed staus a go until I found a proper job.
Still looking lol!!
I've got a good number of very long term customers, and almost all my work is from recommend, so I must be doing it half right!!
Yes I realise the irony of my comment below, that I'm on here, a Web forum, but it was set up with the intention of helping people, and as I'm a regular on the Chrysler and Subaru car forums so I thought I'd give it a try and see how it goes.
I get great satisfaction from fixing boilers that have been "written off" by other so-called engineers.
However, not everything is fixable, ALWAYS the customers choice, but sometimes it doesn't make financial sense on the cost of repair to a very old boiler.
I'm an old luddite who uses technology to suit me. Not rule my life. Therefore email contacts are not normally looked at during the day, I've probably got my hands busy doing what I do!
Which also means I don't always get the phone out of my pocket fast enough to answer it.
Due to the vast amount of sales calls nowadays, please do leave a message or I won't be calling you back.
And depending what time I get home it may not be that night.
Just being honest!

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What are the benefits of installing an unvented cylinder?

If you have multiple bathrooms, a VERY good cold water supply rate, a big enough cylinder with a high recovery coil, and a boiler sized to heat the water back up fast enough they are brilliant. But lots of people are sold them without fully understanding options. Then are disappointed when it's not that good because their cold water isn't up to the job. Then they need space for an accumulator. And the cost. Especially when they had a good tank fed system before, with shower pumps. I've been involved in sorting out the misguided installations a couple of times. For some people a large (say 35 to 40kw) combi would be a better option as the ensuite has a electric shower.

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